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ZOKAWA is an original name, created by combining 2 Japanese words,

"ZO" meaning elephant, and: KAWA" meaning river. 

Why Japanese?

Japan, her people and their heritage, customs, and culture have all influenced Zokawa founder, River Lin. River graduated from Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana) and went to Japan. What was intended to be a 2-year experience turned into a way of life. 

River moved from being a college kid to being an adult while in Japan. She got her first job, became financially independent, and bought her first car there. She learned to speak Japanese, obtained an Associates Degree in Fashion Design, married a Japanese national and started her family there. 

For 20-years, River grew as a human through the Japanese lens. Naming a business focused on personal discovery and growth needed a Japanese-inspired name. 

Why elephant?

barefeet and elephants copy.JPG

The characteristics of elephants are foundational characteristics of River’s personal mission and that of Zokawa:


Elephants are:

  • Self-aware, aware of others, and 

environmentally aware

  • Empathetic

  • Community-minded

    • Loyal

    • Protective

  • Emotional

  • Intuitive

  • Faithful

  • Smart

About River

Yoga Alliance 200-hr. Certified

  • Dubai, UAE

Yoga Alliance YIN yoga 50-hr. Certified

  • Dubai, UAE

MCKS Arhatic Yogi Certified Level 4

  • Dubai, UAE; Pune, India

LightYear Leadership Certified Life Coach

  • Susanne Conrad

Yoga Alliance 300-hr Certified

  • Siddhi Yoga

Native Hoosier

  • Muncie, Kokomo, Marion

Mother of 2 adult children;

  • Eliza in Houston, TX, and Isaiah in NYC. 

Previous career: English Teacher (ESL) 

  • BSU, UAE Board of Education, Japanese Board of Education, Miyazaki International College founding faculty


  • G.R.O.W. (Growing Remarkable Opportunities with Women)

  • The Whole SHEbang Women's Wellness Expo

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