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About River & Zokawa

Yoga found me at Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana). At that time, yoga was not yet a popular trend. Though the yoga practice and philosophy resonated with my body, heart and soul, I was not yet ready to fully embrace all of yoga. Once I graduated university, I moved to Japan where yoga was not available to me at that time.

Years later, as a busy, single mother, I turned to yoga for peace of mind and balance of body. Again, it resonated with my very essence. And again, life took me in other directions where yoga faded into the background of my activities.

Finally, in 2015, yoga pulled me into a weekly, then daily practice, and I was transformed from someone who does yoga, to a yogi who does life. Enveloped now in yoga, I know that it is my authentic path, and I can never again pull away from yoga. 

In 2017, I obtained my 200 hr. YTT training Dubai, (UAE) and 50 hr. Yin training, also in Dubai. At the same time, I began Pranic Healing training and became an Arhatic yogi (focus on meditation).

My family called me back to Indiana in 2019. That year, I lost my 99 and a half-year-old mother and my brother-in-law, and I gained a son-in-law. Yoga carried me through those highs and lows.

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River Lin, creator of Zokawa, is a Muncie native with extensive experience and training outside of Muncie and abroad. Yoga, Meditation, and Energy Healing certifications were all earned in Dubai and India.The coaching training is from LightYear Leadership, an international training program for individuals, communities and companies.

River’s diverse background makes others feel comfortable around her. Her genuine concern and enthusiasm for others make it easy for people to trust her. River transmits hope and possibility and celebrates others for every effort on their journey to success. This personalized approach yields results for people.

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