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Work Happy Package

Work Happy. Work Smarter. Achieve More. 

Happy employees are more dedicated, committed, motivated, cooperative, creative, and way more likely to stay with you! Providing a great employee experience that recognizines each individual's unique talents and skills, and fosters positivity through team building, goalsetting and acknowledging achievements is one of the best business investments you can make. The Work Happy Package is an investment in your employees that multiplies back to you over and again

What You & Your Employees Get:

Unlimited Yoga

Stress Reducing Techniques

AM Guided Meditation

Personal & Professional Development

% Off on Select Series, Special Events & Workshops

Individual & Team Clarity 

50% Off Lightyear Personal Legacy Programs

Team Building Practices

Physical & Mental Strength & Edurance

& so much more!

The Work Happy Monthly Package

This is a solution for businesses of any size, looking to invest in their employee's physical and mental health. 

How Does It Work? 

Your employees sign up for any of our yoga classes or AM Meditation as often and regularly as they desire. They can also use their Work Happy Membership Number to receive a discount on select additional programs. Special training to propel your teams into clarity and cohesion at 50% off the regular coaching price. 


1-5    Employees: $150/month


6-10  Employees: $300/month

11-15  Employees: $450/month



16-20  Employees: $600/month


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