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Life Coaching

Athletes employ coaches all the time. A sports coach teaches and trains the athletes to attain their optimal performance. A basketball coach and a figure skating coach will lead the athlete in different ways while each aiming to achieve the same overall goal: best performance possible.


In this same way, a life coach teaches and trains their clients, equipping them with skills and tools to achieve a similar goal: their optimal performance in life!


A LightYear® Leadership certified coach, River Lin believes it’s time for all of us to get clear about what we want so we can move forward with intention and purpose. She provides a safe and supportive environment so that her clients can dig deep and make subtle shifts that change the trajectory of their lives.


River will guide you in reflection and self-inquiry, building self-awareness and self-confidence. With clarity and a clear vision of purpose, you will find that making decisions, setting and maintaining priorities, keeping motivated and focused will all come together, allowing you to live with more passion and joy.


Life coaching sessions result in getting unstuck so you can unlock your full potential and create the life you truly want to live.  


Vision and Goals is a signature LightYear® Leadership course that River leads virtually. This is a great place to start, learning basic tools to determine what matters and what doesn’t, weed out the unnecessary distractions in your life, and figure out what needs to be done to get you to your dream life.


This course meets weekly for 6 sessions and is offered 4 times per year.

The next course begins July 20th, 2023.

Private Life Coaching 1:1 Sessions

Private sessions are tailored to specific outcomes that the client determines in the first consultation before beginning the program. Depending on the projected outcome, programs run anywhere from 4 to 12 sessions.

What to Expect

For courses, register online and receive a welcome email that outlines the schedule, topics, expectations and promises of your coach. There will be “homework” before each session (no more than 30 minutes). The pre-session work presents concepts and tools relevant to each call, and asks questions to set you up for success in getting real with yourself to do the work ahead.


During the call, we dig deeper into the content and its relevance to the heart of your purpose in working with a Life Coach. Each call builds on the previous work, culminating in a clear set of goals to create the life you want.


For private coaching, schedule a 30-minute consultation (via phone or zoom) to discuss your purpose for a coach. River will suggest a plan and strategy for reaching your desired outcome. Once the coaching sessions begin, the content will be personally tailored to your needs. Together you and River will determine the timeline and schedule for your plan. For more information, please email River at


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