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The Zokawa Studio in Muncie, Indiana is slated to be the only place in Indiana offering NIA!

The “Integrated” in NIA refers to a fusion of martial arts, healing arts, dance, and self-healing. This unique blend of movement styles creates a “synergistic workout that no isolated exercise technique can match” (NIA website).

Creators Debbie and Carlos Rosas incorporate a philosophy of exercise that is designed to help practitioners be at home in their bodies and to discover (or re-discover) the joy of movement.

It's not exactly Yoga, and it's not exactly Tai-Chi; it's not Jazz or Modern Dance...

Hmmm? NIA is none of that and yet, it is all of that and more!

The style of the movements in NIA are drawn from Tae Kwan Do, Tai-Chi, Yoga, Feldendrais, Jazz and Modern Dance, and the blending of the movements is designed to promote strength and muscle tone without the use of weights. In a NIA class you will tune into your body's most natural way of moving - following the lead of your body in a way that best benefits your individual body.

I'm so excited to bring NIA to Zokawa! "Follow your own way toward a healthy, fit physique, lasting weight loss, and an unlimited sense of your fitness potential" (NIA website).

The 4 Pillars of the NIA Promise align with the Zokawa philosophy of whole wellness, so NIA is a perfect addition to our program.

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