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What Could Pebbles Know

Have you ever felt like you were just too small to make a difference?

‘What could I possibly do to help that situation?’

These days when it seems our country is so violently divided, and we don’t even talk to the people most important to us about the things we value most of all, I feel too small to make a difference.

I found this poem the other day and decided to share it in the YIN class this week because it reminds me that while each of us is really small, we are united in our source, and that gives me hope. When all is said and done, and all our titles and labels and identities are stripped away, all there is, is love.

And in that same way, I know I can find patience to endure the façade of division created by our attachments to who we think we are and what we believe is important when I remember that we are really, one big wave of humanity united by our source – and our source is love.

I hope you enjoy this poem too.


What Could Pebbles Know?

Whatever could pebbles know?

Fractured from their whole. Distant. Longing. Punitive. Small. Kicked about. Stepped on. Crunched. Thrown.

Their Mountain called Home, it must feel so far away now. Here lay little pieces, once great, once watchful from on high.

Now trampled. Kicked. Pushed with every gust.

Dear One, does the life of a pebble really sound so unfamiliar?


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